For individualism and ripe brains The skull farmers do their rain dance And pray the machine falls to sleep
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Slime ball by joelhustak

Slime ball by joelhustak

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The Stalking Weiroo by Joe Jusko


The Stalking Weiroo by Joe Jusko

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Nobody seems to realize what “personal responsibility” is anymore. If you didn’t see a bartender pour a drink and hand it directly to you , don’t drink it. If you get a bad feeling, leave. Carry mace, Watch your back ALWAYS. People can’t be trusted mostly and the only person that will take care of you, is you. Accidents and horrible things might happen. It doesn’t hurt to use your street smarts and take steps to prevent it.
I just want to cuddle and watch “Bottom”. Instead it’s 4 AM I’m almost certain I’m going to get zero sleep , And possibly drop dead sometime in early afternoon

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The first thing I’m doing when i get to Nathans tomorrow is riding his dick until I scream. Nobody needs to know this but I’ve been writing whatever I like on this blog for over four years , and i don’t intend to stop now.

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I did 25 minutes on my exercise bike today. Baby steps! :)

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